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Studio C:

watercolor by Terry Magill

Studio C is the largest studio space in Phase One development. This 3000 sq. ft. studio has 16 to 19 ft. high walls, with an additional 720 sq. ft. of second floor loft area. A bank of ten large south facing windows, and six 5 x 8 ft. skylights provide plentiful natural light and warmth. The occupant(s) will also have direct access to the loading dock, which runs the entire length of the building’s south facing wall.

Studio C is 50 ft. x 60 ft. (3,720 sq. ft. including the loft) and will rent for $3350.00/mo. at .90/sq. ft.

This space could also be divided into a couple of studios, with some consideration to the appropriate rent per square foot.

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