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The Studios

Phase 1 provides for a total of over 7000 sq. ft. of professional studio space, which at this point is presented as a possible 3 large studios. Consideration to dividing them is noted where possible

Studio A:

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Studio A is a second floor studio space, with its abundance of sunlight and wide vistas of the Estero, the surrounding meadows, and the gently rolling hills beyond, has some of the loveliest views from the building – especially for sunsets! The long wall of windows looks out to the west, while the adjoining windows face south. A private bathroom is included in this studio.

Studio A is 50 ft. x 33 ft. (1650 sq. ft.) with 10 ft walls and a 14 ft. high ceiling. The projected rent will be $1.10/sq. ft., or $1,815.00/mo.
This space could be divided into 2 studios of 825 sq. ft. each, with a slight increase in rent per square foot.

Studio B:

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Studio B is on the first floor, directly below Studio A. With large south and west facing windows, it will provide its occupant with plenty of natural light and warmth, and very pleasing views. This studio space has both a street level entrance on the west side and access to the loading dock, which runs the length of the southern side of the building.

Studio B is also 50 ft. x 33 ft. (1650 sq. ft.), with a 10 ft. high ceiling, and will rent as one studio for approximately 1.00/sq. ft., or $1,650.00/mo.

Studio C:

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Studio C is the largest studio space in Phase One development. This 3000 sq. ft. studio has 16 to 19 ft. high walls, with an additional 720 sq. ft. of second floor loft area. A bank of ten large south facing windows, and six 5 x 8 ft. skylights provide plentiful natural light and warmth. The occupant(s) will also have direct access to the loading dock, which runs the entire length of the building’s south facing wall.

Studio C is 50 ft. x 60 ft. (3,720 sq. ft. including the loft) and will rent for $3350.00/mo. at .90/sq. ft.

This space could also be divided into a couple of studios, with some consideration to the appropriate rent per square foot.

The Amenities:
The Creamery’s occupants will have 24 hr. access to the building and safe, convenient parking areas. Each of the Phase 1 studios has a private exterior entrance, and all will have interior access to our Atrium Gallery Space. Amenities for all studios will include running water and individually metered electricity. Some of the studios already have sinks; where this is not the case, sinks could be added as needed. Some will have private bathrooms; others will have use of shared bathrooms. Each of the studios can be “built to suit” or further improved by their occupants.

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